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Koullou|Makka Collective

Identity of the Group

Koullou|Makka is a word that is commonly used in the Cypriot dialect which derives originally from two Arabic words kullu = all + ma bad= together. This collective is an attempt of the director and theatre educator Elena Sokratous, the inclusive dance educator Eleftheria Sokratous and the actress, performer and theatre educator Nayia T. Karakosta to join forces and form the core of this group.

Our Aim

Starting from the above reflections, the collective Koulou|Makka in partnership with the Rialto Theatre and the cultural institution Synergeio, decided to create a mixed group of people with or without disabilities in terms of universal accessibility. That is to design and structure an environment so that it is understandable, accessible and useful by as many people as possible, regardless of age, origin, gender and abilities.

Our urgency

Theatre, by its very nature is an art form that allows stories to revive before the eyes and ears of the audience. But whose stories of which people are the ones we choose to tell? Which bodies, which eyes and which ears are really given the possibility to experience the stories? If inclusion means that every individual has the right to belong, participate and exist equally in every aspect of society, then how far has Cypriot society achieved this

Want to know more about us?

Join our weekly classes that are happening every Tuesday at 6-8pm at Synergeio Theatre in Limassol or contact Eleftheria Sokratous at 99784949 or

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