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Our Organisation has as main goals:


-The promotion of contemporary / experimental art through the encouragement of experimentation, but also through the organization of events that bring together artists from different art fields.

-The promotion of the Cypriot culture and tradition and the revival of the Cypriot language in the theatre scene through theatre productions in Cypriot language. 

- To raise public awareness about theatre and the performing arts but also to contribute to the education of the audience through the facilitation of workshops, lectures, screenings for adults and children. 

- The inclusion of people with any disability by providing some accessible theatre seats, And produce inclusive as well as fully accessible productions.

- To remain open to citizens' initiatives for cultural and social action and to promote the art that comes from solidarity and through the reflection of everyday life.

- To promote international political-cultural action. The globalized-capitalist structure of our society reveals to us the existence of a chain that transforms the local automatically into global. Using our networks we would like to capture a holistic view about the performing arts today.

-To remain a Centre of promotion, creation and reflection on art and culture. Our guiding questions  to achieve this goal are a) what is the role of art in today's capitalist-consumer society and b) what is the future of performing arts (experimental and popular) within the development of technology and the digitalisation of this era?

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