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The NGO “Ipogeia Skini” begun its activity with the initiative of Stelios Kyprianou in 2011. At the beginning of its creation, it organized nomadic type of cultural activities such as the creation of the music festival "Fengaros" in Lofou village in collaboration with "Louvana" records. In 2014, the activities of “Ipogeia Skini” were housed in an old car repair workshop. With the effort of Stelios Kyprianou that car workshop got transformed into a "workshop for the arts" which is called “Synergeio” and its since then an active performing arts centre. The renovation of the building was done with consciousness and respect towards its pre-existing architectural structure. This factor led to the creation of a new type of "theatre stage" right in the heart of Limassol. Its industrial style but also the avoidance of any theatrical exaggeration in the space, creates a place accessible and open to anyone.

Also the structure as well as the small size of the space makes the spectator-stage relationship, to be part of the theatrical practice, thus pushing the creators to answer practical questions on the relationship between spectacle - spectator and actor – audience. Stelios has created "Synergeio" through experimentation and for experimentation. Today as he is gone, our team does not only try to keep this place active but also has the mission to keep his artistic vision alive. Our NGO through  its physical space "Synergeio" provides shelter to local artists and art groups who have a vision to create beyond the given structures, to research and experiment with new ideas and artistic trends. In addition, Synergeio is today a meeting point in the city center. A space which is open to citizens' initiatives for cultural and social action and that promotes a form of art that comes from solidarity and through the reflection of everyday life.

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