Trapeze classes are on

Trapeze Class

Trapeze is one of the most classic and favorite instruments of the circus world! It consists of two ropes and an iron bar, which connects them!

In our lessons we learn the technique of Trapeze but we also discover the infinite possibilities of our bodies.

At  the same time we improve our physical condition and gain more confidence in a fun and creative way!

The class is suitable for any body type and any level of prior experience.

Its also suitable for both men and women as well as children from 5 years old. 

Come and join our team so we can challenge the norms of gravity together!




The theatre workshop in "Synergeio" was created in September 2018. The aim of the workshop is to cultivate and develop the imagination  through both verbal and physical acting improvisation exercises.


The course promotes the training of various theatre techniques, whilst everything is shaped and created through PLAYING. Because theatre is a game! Another equally important goal is the promotion of communication, respect and trust - components required in building a team . Our theatre team is  already been set up but new participants are always welcome since they offer the great possibility of reshaping the team dynamics.



What else is left? To take what we  have created one step further.

3 .... 2 .... 1 .. "Break a leg"


More Info

Studio TEXT Ensemble

Studio TEXT is a modern, independent non-commercial theatre Ensemble working with contemprorary drama and poetry. The director is Irina Mikhaylovskaya which is a philologist, magazine editor, actress, TV producer as well as the creator of various performances in Moscow (Russia) theatres and on diiferent stages during 2007-2018. Since 2018 she lives and works in Limassol where she has created  the team "Studio .TEXT" .

Past productions of  Studio TEXT are:

“For Love. Vera Pavlova. Poems” — poetic performance.

“Like. Like. Like” — modern play by Sasha Denisova

Tune in for our upcoming Productions